Sliced Strawberries

  1. Slice the strawberries
  2. Add a small amount of sugar
  3. Place in plastic freezer bag

Whole Strawberries

  1. Wash and let dry completely
  2. Place on a cookie sheet and freeze individually
  3. When frozen, place in plastic freezer bag
  4. Take out and enjoy in the winter for an extra special treat!

Handling tips for strawberries


Timetable for crops

If not processing right away, pick with stems on and put directly in your refrigerator without washing.


Berries 'n Cream

1 pint = 1 small basket

1 pint = 3 cups whole berries

1 pint = 1 2/3 cups pureed berries

1 pint = 2 1/4 cups sliced berries

2 pints = 1 quart

2 pints or 1 quart = 1 1/2 pounds

One batch of freezer jam uses 2-3 pints of strawberries.

Measuring Strawberries


  • Early June


  • Mid June


  • Late June/early July. Available this year!


  • Available in limited supply!


  • Late July

Fresh Northwest fruit only keeps 2-3 days in a refrigerator before spoiling, less if left unrefrigerated.